Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Coastguard worries get Westminster debate

I've been moving around a lot in the last week and neglecting the blogsite. Apologies.

After filing the Record front page story on the downed Tornado in the Minch last Thursday I found myself the very next day in Stornoway where concern about the loss of the coastguard station is running high.

The Tornado downing was just too symbolic an event to miss. A jet from a base threatened with closure; the ejected crew picked up by a copter being bundled into a PFI package; the rescue co-ordinated from RAF Kinloss which will close; handled by Stornoway coastguard station which is under threat of closure; assisted by a coastguard tug that is being withdrawn from service. Welcome to the world of coalition cuts.

The coastguard closures are being debated by MPs in Westminster Hall right now, the first time they've had an opportunity to address the subject, although Angus MacNeil has laid questions and made points of order on the issue.

Katy Clark, Labour, North Ayrshire and Arran, is speaking just now, in a debate sponsored by Truro and Falmouth Tory MP Sarah Newton.

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