Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Devolution movie - first casting session

"So, considering this is covering the run up to devolution and a whole ten years after I think we can get Ken Stott, age him a wee bit, have him for the part of Labour maverick George Foulkes...

"Mmm, that means we might not be able to persuade Alex Norton to take on the part of Alex Salmond.

You see it's such a Taggart vs Rebus thing - too obvious. The producers wouldn't like it, STV wouldn't like it, let's face it Alex Norton wouldn't like it.

"Nah...I think you're right. Let's go back to Alan Cumming as John Swinney and take it from there. Mind you, Norton as Salmond, we've got to try a screentest at least. Don't tell him about Ken Stott...

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