Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Danny MacAskill - Skye cycling Wunderkid

WH1212 has been away from London, taking a break from politics and breathing fresh air on Lewis. I'm off for the rest of this week too but couldn't pass a keyboard without checking my mail.

Thanks then to the friend who knows I'm a Danny MacAskill fan and sent the link to his latest video, Way Back Home

Danny, from Dunvegan on Skye, took 20m Youtube hits for his first video of stunting across Edinburgh and that's led to greater things, like sponsorship from Red Bull.

Superb stuff here, which, if I can be a bit Jonathan Meades about it, combines the splendour of rural Scotland's poured concrete environment as well as it's natural beauty.

Its a longish video for Youtube, more than 90 seconds, but it just gets better as it goes on.

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