Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bad weather, you soft Soothmoother you

I hear the Stornoway ferry is off again today - not the Shetland one though. It takes more than a force 8 to stop these guys crossing the Pentland Firth as this hilarious and horrifying CCTV footage from the only fixed point on the Shetland ferry demonstrates. Just watch the big guy in the stripey shirt go.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone, Bob in particular, who has pointed out that this is not footage from the Shetland ferry - apparently the insignia on the lapels of the bartender is the giveaway. Can't believe the number of Shetlanders who are indignantly denying this is their ferry though, I'd be playing it to the hilt. The northern hoax is, it seems, a cruise ship in heavy weather.

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