Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Thank the Lord you're not Welsh

Scotland thinks it might have done badly from the cuts but Wales seems to have been taking a real battering under the Tory Lib Dem coalition from the very beginning.

Here's that Welsh slap in the face in full:

S4C budget cut by 25%, and most of funding to come from licence fee rather than DCMS

No defence training college at Saint Athan, thats £14bn down the drain and a much reduced defence footprint in Wales.

Severn tidal barrage is not happening.

Welsh Assembly budget is cut by 11.4%, more than Scotland and Northern Ireland

The 40 Welsh constituencies being cut down to 30, in "an unseemly haste" say the Welsh Affairs committee.

The ultimate insult - no rural superfast broadband pilot - but worry not there is in Herefordshire which Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt seemed to think is in Wales.

The blog Devolution Matters has been on the case and Tomos Livingstone on 07.25 to Paddington monitors the daily devastation of our Celtic cousins.

Neglected, unloved, rumour is that the coalition will soon propose selling Wales off to Ireland.

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  1. Tha mi a' deanamh sin gan sguir re 40 bliantan!