Monday, 25 October 2010

Brian Haw, peace protester, in hospital

I'd noticed that Brian Haw, the peace campaigner who has defied attempts to remove him from Parliament Square for nine years, had been missing from his post for the last few weeks.

One of the policemen at Carriage Gate, opposite the pavement protest, told me yesterday that Haw had been taken to hospital. The man himself confirmed this by text last night and referred me to Brian Haw TV, his website.

He writes: "I was admitted to hospital on 23rd September 2010, with breathing trouble. Tests show a tumour. I am having more tests, then treatment.

In my enforced absence, Babs Tucker is Captain of the Good Ship Parliament Square Peace Campaign. Please give her all the help possible.

I will be back and able to cry out again for those denied a voice."

Nine years in the open elements have obviously taken a toll on Brian. He's been supporting himself on crutches for most of this year. You can read about his 3000 day anniversary here and contact Brian Haw at his address: Co: Parliament Square, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA.

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