Thursday, 8 April 2010

Two wheels -and one pedal -on the Danube

Outskirts of Budapest, darkness falling, just 9km to go, and Crichton loses a pedal.

I nearly forgot that my pal Kevin MacNeil's documentary is on BBC Alba tonight at 9pm. I imagine it will be on i-player too.

Kevin, poet, writer, singer, good guy, decided to cycle 1000km along the banks of the Daunube from Germany to Hungary on a fixed wheel road bike last September.

Don Coutts, who is producing the movie of Kevin's novel "The Stornoway Way",and Jerry Kelly filmed the whole thing and a couple of us were invited along the way.

Work meant that I could only make it for the last few miles - which proved to be eventful enough thanks - and we had a hoot. I haven't seen any preview tapes but Kevin says he's pleased with the result.

Five years ago this month I was cycling my way through Britain, from Lands End to John O'Groats to cover the 2005 general election. The outcome of the election was so predictable that I could afford to take to the road for three weeks.

You couldn't do that with this election but I'd recommend the cycle journey, which I completed, to anyone. By the way, did Kevin tell you he did the whole Danube route on a fixed wheel gear...

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