Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Welcome to the Commons, Mr Mason - a friendly place.

John Mason, the new SNP MP for Glasgow East, has been warmly welcomed to the Commons by another by-election winner, Labour's Jim Devine.

He's a political sell-out,” says Mr Devine cheerfully, after watching the SNP tyro vote Tory three times in the division lobbies last night in his first ever votes at Westminster.

John Mason had three opportunities to vote on behalf of the people of Glasgow – and three times voted with the Tories on the critical issues of financial stability and jobs,” says Mr Devine. “The new SNP MP has 100% Tory voting record. The message is clear – vote yellow, get blue.”

During an opposition day debate Mr Mason voted against an amendment by Yvette Cooper, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in favour of “a commitment to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the stability of the financial system.”

No one said opposition was easy did they Mr Mason?

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