Monday, 6 October 2008


Don't hold your breath for the writ to be moved on the Glenrothes by-election today. That's what Labour sources are telling me this morning. We had expected the writ to be moved on the first day that parliament returned, with an election on Thursday November 6th.

That November date, which would be overshadowed by the result of the US presidential election, could still hold. If Labour do move the writ today the latest they could hold the by-election is November 6th. If they move it tomorrow they have the opition of going for Thursday 13th.

Part of the reason Labour felt pressured to move the writ is that the SNP was cooking a plan to do just that. However, the Tory whips would not support the move so that plan has been shelved.

Plenty for the SNP to be happy about today though. John Mason, their victorious candidate in the Glasgow East by-election, takes his seat in the Commons this afternoon. He won't be making his maiden speech just yet but here's a taste of what he said beforehand.

“The swing that elected me, in what was Labour’s third safest seat, shows Labour’s days of taking Scotland for granted are over. It is clear that people have had enough of Labour’s broken promises, and want a change for the better."

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