Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brian Wilson Writes - online.

My goodness, the revolution has reached Mangersta.

Welcome online, at last, to Brian Wilson who joins the world of blogs with his Brian Wilson Writes, an online version of his West Highland Free Press column.

This is as auspicious an occasion as double-width looms beings introduced to the Harris Tweed industry. Although he's moved on from politics Brian's take on current affairs has always been required reading.

It took land campaigner Andy Wightman's patience to haul Brian away from print and into the digital age.

Until now his take on politics has only been available in the Free Press, and I hope giving the column away online doesn't affect circulation.

There's plenty for him to comment on more than once a week and instead of posting facsimiles of the Free Press I hope the blog as platform for more than re-printing the Free Press column

And there are plenty out there who'll violently disagree with Brian's opinions because of his politics and often because of their own insecurities. Provoking the SNP with a meatslicing turn of phrase is one of life's minor pleasures for Brian, and is quite amusing for the rest of us. But mostly he's to be read for his original insights, on the Highlands, Scotland and the wider world.

I expect some cybernats will be rolling up their well-paid sleeves up on hearing the news that they have a new target. But the online nats, like the midges, are always with us if slightly less annoying, so don't let that put you off Brian.

There's no obligation to publish derogatory comments, it's bizarre that furious, online guttermouths don't understand that.

As I keep reminding my own nationalist friends and foes, read without prejudice, and at least read to the end before pouncing on the keyboard.

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