Thursday, 12 November 2009

PM to ride Glasgow NE train at dawn

In more audio news it's being whispered that the Prime Minister is booked for the 08.10am slot on the Today Programme tomorrow morning. Would he make himself a hostage to fortune if he did not think that Glasgow North East is in the bag for Labour tonight?

Probably still worth staying up late to see if the SNP make a dent (they're ready to throw in the towel early my sources say) and next to see where in the running order the BNP comes and, with three hard left parties standing, whether they fight each other or the fascists.

Once again, no sign of Cameron fever breaking out, but this is a working-class Glasgow constituency.

The result is expected quite late - 2am is the estimate - but that's usually a safety slot given by the returning officer to cover any eventuality. It will be all over much earlier than that.

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