Friday, 20 February 2009

It's good to talk.

Hat tip to the new blogger, A Leaky Chanter, for drawing to our attention a Freedom of Information request that reveals the mobile phone bill for Scottish Government advisers has gone up by £1500 to £36,000 this last year.

Leaky Chanter says the bill has "shot up", which is over-egging it.

The government says: "advisers are often required to work out-of-hours and need mobile phones to carry out their duties. They are entitled to make personal calls from these mobiles and are responsible for paying for personal calls in full".

I say that's a lot of Facebook time on your government Blackberry, cove.

I call the First Minister's spokesman on other business and tease him about his phonebill. "It can't be me they're talking about - this is my own phone," he says. Och, that's devotion for you. Or, on reflection, bloody good spinning.

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