Friday, 5 December 2008

Once a boy racer always a boy racer

You can take the boy racer out of Point but usually he runs out of petrol on the Braigh, which is where my friend Alistair McCallum took this picture of me last month.
I was passing by when I spotted Alistair and Jane filming in the beach car park between the Peoples' Republic of Point and Lewis on what was a beautiful day.

As I left they were trying to jack these souped up cars onto giant swivels to make swing sideways. How they were going to this with a length of fishing line and a supermarket trolley is beyond me but they're permanently inventive, the two of them.

Their company, Designiscentral do the really clever "magnetic north" idents for BBC Alba and this one is due to feature some hot rods being drawn to the north star. It looked like an ambitious shoot and it won't be on TV until the New Year but you can preview the stills on their flickr account.

Alistair's atmospheric time lapse sequences, filmed on St Kilda are well worth viewing too. They're all on the designiscentral site and I've put one of clouds dancing over Boreray below as a taster.

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