Friday, 27 January 2017

Postcard from the Trump White House

Phew, for a White House wedding that went well. Donald Trump didn’t say anything outrageous, he didn’t get angry and he showed an admirable sense of comedian’s timing as he joked with the press.

For Theresa May yesterday was the biggest win of her short term in office. 

She scored on some very serious policy issues - Nato and Russian sanctions - and the BBC managed to secure a u-turn on torture.

It could not have been better for May, she can show the EU that even with Brexit Britain can move Trump into a better place, maybe.

For his part the President was like the cat who got the cream when the world was told that he would have tea with the Queen.

Look out Britain, the ego is going to land later this summer. Good luck with that, your  Majesty.

Oh, and look out Stornoway, he gave his mother’s home island a name check - he might be heading there too.

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