Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wembley debate, the verdicts are in

Wembley debate - the verdicts for the Daily Record

Ruth “ the truth” Davidson - a big 8/10

A big step up for a small Tory but Ruth Davidson emerges with her reputation enhanced in party ranks, and in the rest of the UK where she is not that well known.

The straight-talking, the not taking a lecture response and the display of wit, closing down that tiresome “as a mother” line from Andrea Leadsom - Ruth Davidson showed she has some style.

Remainers will have been cheering her on, forgetting that she is a Tory, but a referendum creates these strange alliances.

Tomorrow Labour MPs will wake up worried that the Tories have her in their armoury. So will Eurosceptic Tories who think the party crown is theirs for the taking. 

She fired the shots but Khan packed the punches, and Francis O’Grady was a passionate voice of the workers, one rarely heard in these debates.

Boris “the bungler” Johnson - a fair 5/10

Poor Boris, he’s been looking more and more like his father as this campaign progresses. The strain of real front-line politics and getting caught out is showing.

Unable to act the clown, his favourite role, Johnson has to become Spongebag Boris, soaking up the attacks from Remain while trying to appear reasoned and persuasive.

Don’t under-estimate the incredible charm though. Like the last tv debate there will be plenty people thinking “poor Boris” as he submits himself to getting beaten up again.
Gisela Stuart and Andrea Leadsom are formidable, but they lost the calm tone they had adopted as the huge audience pushed the debaters into pitched battle.

They didn’t look happy at the end, but they might have the last laugh.

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