Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dr Fox still outruns the media hounds

Simon Heffer (Daily Mail), Jonathan Freedland (Guardian), Trevor Kavanagh (Sun) - the list of columnists calling for the pelt of Defence Secretary Dr Fox grows with each morning's newspaper delivery.

He may well go in the next day or week, but that will be thanks to the money trail that reporters are uncovering. None of the Fleet Street pillars will be able claim the credit.

Trevor Kavanagh's Monday column "..if he hasn't been sacked by the time you read this..." was perhaps the most significant.

A decade and more ago The Sun would have published that kind of column in the sure and certain knowledge that the deed had already been done. The paper would then present the shrill demand as the act that really forced the minister's dispatch.

On Monday the determined Dr Fox did not stick to the script and that tells us two things. Firstly, as we know, we're dealing with one crazy fox here and secondly, the Sun is not the Whitehall power player it once was.

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