Wednesday, 3 August 2011

See me, see Pele...pass the ba'

The wee guy in the middle with the ball, that's Pele. And the wee guy on the right, that's my pal Kevin Schofield doing a diving header in an attempt to cut me out of the picture with the Brazilian football legend.

The greatest football player of all time came to Downing Street today and some of the lobby football squad were privileged enough to meet him.

Pele seemed like a gent, and a fit looking one for 70 years of age. Shake that hand and it's the hand that lifted the World Cup first in 1958, and 1962, and 1970. Wow, it's the hand that shook the world.

Along with some others in this picture I wouldn't even grace the subs bench of the lobby team, but I was tolerated anyway. And seeing the pathetic way Schofers tried to bring me down out there today I'm going to have a trial for his left back position. But I'll only play in a number 10 shirt.

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