Monday, 2 May 2011

"Are you up for my man?" - parkies tackle riot litter

I crossed Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow very, very early on Saturday morning, on the way home from a wedding celebration (not that wedding, an Island wedding).

In the aftermath of the Kelvingrove riot to mark the Royal nuptials the previous day the place looked as if the gods had emptied their binbags over Glasgow.

This wasn't just the ordinary, post-party dump on the "beach", the grassy, sunlit slope below Park Circus, it was chaos from one end of the park to the other.

There were carry-out bottles in the trees, in the shrubbery, in the fountains. The bins were heaving, as Malky would say.

"The rest of the country has a party, and we have a riot," said my nephew, reflecting on the shame the city felt about the combination of alcohol and violence that spoilt what was, for the most part, a wild time in the park.

But you can't repress Glasgow's spirit for long. This Youtube clip of the parkies who had to clear up the mess is going viral and, if you pardon the strong language, provides an hilarious riposte to the depressing footage of neds throwing bottles at police officers.

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