Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Curran give unqualified backing for England bid

Labour’s Margaret Curran gave England’s World Cup bid Glasgow’s backing yesterday as the Prime Minister headed back to Switzerland to join Prince William and David Beckham do battle against the favourites, the Russians.

Curran, MP for Glasgow East, was the first member called at Prime Minister’s Questions and took the opportunity to give Cameron a tongue-in-cheek assurance that Scots back the England bid to bring football home.

“Can I give you Glasgow’s best wishes in the bid for England?” said Curraan, before adding after a pause: “And I mean that most sincerely.”

After the laughter had subsided in the chamber, Cameron replied: “I know she would never mislead this House so I know what you said was utterly sincere and I’m sure is shared by Members wherever they sit for in the United Kingdom.”

Everyone does back the bid, originally a Labour bid the opposition spindoctors were eager to remind me, even if it only means the games will be easier to get to than teh 2014 tournament in Brazil. The decision on 2018 will be made tomorrow afternoon.

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