Tuesday, 8 June 2010

SNP World Cup tops:"Scotland's Not Playing"

After the furore over the "ABE: Anyone but England" t-shirts being marketed in Scotland ahead of the World Cup the English have struck back with their own "SNP" tops - that is "Scotland’s Not Playing".

The wearetheenglish.com website has produced the cheeky response to Scottish soor grapes over not being in the World Cup tournament.

The "ABE: Anyone But England" tops were probed over racism claims but the England-supporting website is taking the whole thing in good humour.

The company, which admits it is smarting from the loss of Wembley’s goalposts in 1977, decided to annoy the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Tartan Army in one fell swoop.

They have also deliberately marketed their tops at a cheaper price to make them irresistible to canny Scots. "The tight wads are charging £20 for theirs while ours is only £14," states the website.

The "SNP: Scotland Not Playing" t-shirt comes in red only (what else) with white contrast trim. It has the SNP logo on the front with a small England flag printed on the left sleeve

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  1. Seoras Ferguson9 June 2010 at 15:10

    I can remember when SNP stood for "Stein Next Pope", but then that would've been impossible as Jock Stein wisnae a Catholic. Maybe we should wear T-shirts saying "We support our own country and we know we're crap!" so both sides of the border can buy them!