Monday, 3 May 2010

Big Society? Tell me again,what is that?

Labour has produced a quite witty viral video on what the Tory idea for a Big Society would mean in reality - public services abandoned to the voluntary sector.

If you go to the Labour website you can personalise it and send it to your mates who might be swithering.

Labour also gave us a preview of their final night election broadcast, fronted in England by tough guy Ross Kemp and in Scotland by Richard Wilson.

If Tutti Frutti had just been on TV Richard Wilson might have been a good idea but we automatically associate the actor with the term "one foot in the grave". (which is where...geddit?)

Anyway, in interior decorating news, polling evidence is mixed today, but there are figures coming through this evening showing that David Cameron shouldn't measure the curtains for Downing Street.

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