Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Scarlett's WMD evidence to Chilcott today

Looking forward to Sir John Scarlett's evidence to the Iraq inquiry this afternoon. Sir John, friend of Alastair Campbell, chaired Tony Blair's Cabinet Joint Intelligence Committee which produced the flawed intelligence dossier on Saddam Hussain's weapons of mass destruction. If anyone knows where these pesky WMDs are it's Sir John.

Meanwhile I laughed this morning at Mike White's take on the Daily Mail story that the intelligence for the existence of WMDs came from a Baghdad taxi driver.

The Guardian sage writes: "In politics, as in life – or email leaks ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference – timing matters. With another opinion poll closing the gap between Labour and the Tories we can expect plenty more like this morning's "Was Iraqi cabbie source of dodgy dossier?" yarn in the Daily Beast.

What? You haven't heard? Tory MP Adam Holloway has talked to a chap who has talked to other chaps. Lots of these chaps now believe that one of the chaps from whom they used to get information in Saddam Hussein's Iraq may have got some of it from a chap who was, professionally speaking, a taxi driving chap in Iraq's western desert.

Well, I never. Intelligence culled under pressure for results from the boss class, obtained from doubtful sources."

Just noticed that John Scarlett's middle name is McLeod. Mmm, the head of British Intelligence was a Highlander.

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