Monday, 5 October 2009

Cameron - my message to Scotland

Not often you see people to queue to get into the Scottish Conservative reception at conference. The place was packed, despite a near diary clash with the Scotch Whisky Association reception.

David Cameron was punctual and precise, echoing Annabel Goldie’s line from this morning that the SNP are an “irrelevance” in a UK election.

For the Conservatives to make gains in Scotland they need to bring back the “Tartan Tories” that for the last three elections have seen the SNP as the best vehicle for opposing Labour. “I do think that after years of trying we are getting our message across in Scotland,” said Mr Cameron.

“The very clear message when it comes to campaigning in Scotland is to say to people: ‘This is a United Kingdom General Election for a UK parliament. You are deciding whether you want Gordon Brown to carry on in Downing Street or whether you want David Cameron in Downing Street.’”

“The SNP, as far as this election is concerned, are irrelevant. Alex Salmond may say he’d like to debate in these television debates. I would love to debate with Alex Salmond one of these days, but he’s not standing for the Westminster parliament. One outcome is absolutely impossible, Alex Salmond cannot be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.”

They cheered loudly and the leader was whisked off to another five receptions while everyone else worked out directions to the Scotch Whisky Association.

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