Thursday, 2 July 2009

Broadford or Bust - watch our sit-com here.

Skipping through the channels last night I came across a repeat showing of Broadford or Bust, the pilot sit-com Mairi Kidd and I wrote for BBC Alba last year.

I'd forgotten how much fun it was - to write and to watch it being made. The cast and crew were incredibly committed and talented. I hope you all think it's funny too.
The 30 minute episode is on BBC Alba's i-player for the rest of the week, it you want a look. Feedback welcome.

The premise is a simple disaster scenario:

The government has decided to send ALL the rival Gaelic language development agencies to ONE office, in an ACTUAL Gaelic speaking area on the Isle of Skye.

When they're not fighting each other to leave, the professional Gaels are barricading the door against the Gaelic community.

It's job dispersal gone mad. It's Broadford or Bust!

Broadford or Bust

A new sit-com written by Torcuil Crichton & Mairi Kidd

Starring: Tony Kearney ( River City), Iain MacRae, Mairi Morrison and Ruairidh MacIver

Guest starring: Lorraine McKintosh (River City)

Special guest stars: Carina MacLeod, Derek “Pluto” Murray and Angela MacEachann.

With Donald MacKay and Donald Gillies as Gairm and Dwelly.

Produced and Directed by Ishbel MacIver

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  1. Torchuil, we congratulate on you on writing a Gaelic sit-com, but please - Gaelic needs to stop 'thinking about itself'.

    Why not write about something normal? Everyday Gaels aren't interested in crap about 'Gaelic organisations'.

    Come on, up your game!