Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Speaker resignation latest

Earthquake in the Commons. Speaker Michael Martin, fatally wounded in yesterday's encounter with his critics, is to announce that he is to resign as Speaker this afternoon.

Gordon Brown was seen walking through the Commons cloisters just a few minutes ago. He may have been on his way to see the Speaker.

If the writing wasn't in the headlines this morning "Last Orders" said the Times, it was in the Votes Office.

As well as the usual order papers, which included that infamous motion of no confidence, the clerks had copies of an old procedure committee report from 2000-2001, entitled "Election of a Speaker".

"It's an old report but we thought it might become popular soon," said the clerk.
I know Sky tickertaped the news but it seems the scoop belongs to Bernard Ponsenby of STV. More later.

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